Our range

All of our artisan products are made by hand in Coburg and where possible we use local ingredients. We do not add any preservatives or additives to our range. We are a family run business so all of our products are made with extra love! We also have a small organic farm in Thorpdale, Gippsland, where we grow some of our ingredients.



Our lasagnes are made to a traditional recipe, lots of silky pasta layers that we make ourselves with bolognese or tomato sauce that we cook for hours, just like our Nonna did. We use only the freshest ingredients so you can pass off this delicious dish as your own! Available in Traditional Meat (1kg, 500gm, 300gm), Pumpkin, spinach & ricotta (500gm, 300gm), Roasted Vegetables with fresh basil (500gm), Vegan (500gm), Organic Beef (500gm), Organic Beef & hidden vegetables (300gm) and Moroccan lamb (500gm). Other seasonal varieties are available exclusively at farmers markets.


Pizza bases

One of the most popular items on our list. Made by hand using a traditional family recipe that has been handed down through the generations and includes our dough resting overnight to give it more flavour. Just add your favourite topping and heat in the oven, this is a must have for unexpected guests!. Available in both garlic base and tomato base (thick or thin) and twin pack tomato base (2x9 inch bases).


Gluten free

Award winning, Gluten free beef lasagna (500gm, 300gm) and Gluten free roasted vegetables and fresh basil lasagna (500gm). You won't believe that these products don't contain wheat, they are the closest thing to the real deal! Made from a mixture of besan (chickpea) flour, potato flour and rice flour, we also use eggs to keep it as authentic as possible! Also available are pizza bases (150gm) in both tomato and garlic. Hand stretched and made with a mix of potato & maize flours these bases have the flavour and texture of a traditional pizza base.


Fresh handmade gnocchis

A delicious variety of handmade gnocchi made from local ingredients. One packet contains 500gm — enough for 2 mains or 4 entrees. Flavours change seasonally and can include — Potato, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Basil, 3 Cheese, Wild fennel, Wild nettle, Pecorino, Porcini mushroom and so many more. Exclusively available at farmers markets.


Fresh pasta

Taste the difference! If you’ve not yet experienced fresh egg pasta do yourself a favour and try ours! Made with a mix of organic durum wheat, white organic flour, free range eggs and filtered water. We use a traditional method of extruding the pasta through a bronze die which gives the pasta a 'rougher' surface which helps the sauce to stick to it. Available in 500gm or 300gm . Available in Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Rigatoni, Fusilli and Lasange sheets. Exclusively available at farmers markets.



Home made sauce perfect to add to our range of pastas or use as a base for another meal. Available in 500ml ready to heat sauces are made from the freshest local ingredients, no home is complete without these! Pumpkin, sage & pinenut, Spicy tomato, Traditional ragu, Tomato & Basil, Organic Bolognese, Organic Bolognese & hidden vegetables and Vegetable & Lentil . Each year we also have a limited number of Passata available that we make from organic tomatoes and basil grown on our farm in Thorpdale. Our passata comes in a 720ml jar and sell out quick so make sure you order ahead!. Exclusively available at farmers markets.